Operation Uh-Oh

It was 11:05 PM on a cold, cloudy night. Alicia Rivera sat on a wooden bench outside of OCD. She looked up at the sky trying to find the moon. She counted every star she could see while she waited for the Pretty Committee to join her. She saw 203 to be exact. Tonight was the night the girls were going to get to the bottom of this OCD murder mystery. Alicia had always been known to have crazy outbursts of ideas. She sat with her legs crossed, and twirled her silky brown hair between her finger. She rolled her eyes impatiently and checked the time on her iPhone 6. It was 11:17.

“Psst! Leesh!” Whispered a voice.

“Ehmagawd!” Alicia gasped and put her hand to her heart in shock.

“It us!” Claire giggled.

Four tiny shadows quickly followed one another. The PC quietly crept towards Alicia. Alicia could hear a crunching sound; she assumed it was either the crisp leaves they were stepping on, or Dylan munching on a snack. She heard the giggles and shushing get louder.

“Well it’s about time!” Alicia said once they finally came into view.

“Sorry. We parked a little far away, just in case.” Massie apologized.

“Yeah, plus it was hard putting together an outfit.” Kristen added.

“You’re wearing all black.” Claire raised an eyebrow.

“So? Gotta look the part, ya know?” Kristen shrugged and popped a piece of gum into her mouth.

“So what exactly is the plan here?” Dylan asked.

“I want to explore. Even if we don’t find anything exciting we will have the bragging rights that we had the guts to even try.” Alicia flipped her hair and smirked.

“The real question is, how do we get in?” Massie asked.

“Good point. Didn’t think that far yet.” Alicia replied.

“I have a key to the girls locker room. Being caption of the soccer team has it’s perks,” Kristen whipped out her keys and led the way. “Follow me.”

The Pretty Committee followed Kristen in a single file line. They snuck around the school perimeter to avoid possible cameras. They finally reached the back of the school. Alicia looked behind her at the soccer and softball fields. She shivered at the fact that she could barely see ten feet in front of her. Kristen unlocked and pushed the heavy door open to reveal the girls locker room.

“Smells like sweat.” Dylan plugged her nose.

“Gross.” Claire said.

“Puh-lease.” Kristen rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go.” Alicia took a flashlight out of her purse and clicked it on.

“I suggest we all have our lights out.” Massie said.

“Ah-greed. Super creepy in here.” Dylan’s voice shook.

“Here’s the door to the school.” Kristen pointed to a large wooden door in front of her.

Alicia led the way past the rusty old lockers and took small steps towards the door. The door led to the Art Wing. She slowly stepped off of the worn down, cracked tile from the girls locker room, and landed on a clean carpet of fear.

“Is it just me or does this expensive carpet suddenly look haunted?” Alicia whispered.

The girls nodded in agreement. Suddenly, the locker room door slammed shut. The sound echoed throughout the long hallway. Alicia stopped dead in her tracks and whipped around.

“Are you serious?!” Alicia said trying not to raise her voice above a whisper.

“Ehmagawd, I’m so sorry. I accidentally let go before it shut all the way.” Claire frowned.

“Well hopefully your silly mistake didn’t cost us this entire operatio–” Massie began.

“Wait,” Kristen interrupted, “Did you just hear that?”

“Don’t mess with us like that.” Claire pleaded.

“No, I heard it too.” Dylan backed up.

The noise was footsteps. The slapping of the shoe hitting the ground began to get louder.

“They’re getting closer!” Claire grabbed on to Massie’s arm.

“Hide!” Alicia ordered.

The girls hid behind 3 vending machines. Kristen and Massie hid behind the Naked Juice machine, and Dylan and Alicia hid behind a Luna Bar machine. Claire chose the Candy machine, of course. The foot steps got so loud Alicia had to breathe softly to avoid making even the slightest sound. Alicia slowly peeked out from the behind the vending machine. Her jaw dropped.


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