TPC Goes to Build-A-Bear

Okay..lets be serious here. We awl have those moment or those days when you just feel like a kid again. Being in The Pretty Committee is so fun, and exciting. But you must be mature as well. You need to dress for success and be sophisticated.

It all started at our last Friday night sleepover. Massie was putting awn my cucumber face mask when I had an idea. I screamed, “Lets go to Build-A-Bear!” Everyone was scared because I had screamed so loud. I am known for being the silly one in TPC, so it was normal for them to hear it. Although, they thought I was kidding at first. They absolutly did nawt want to go at first but after a few minutes, they were convinced.

Yes, being in TPC used to make me watch what I say, eat, and do. I was afraid that Massie would totally hate me if I got a Latte insted of a Frappe, or had 6 stawberries in my smoothie insted of 4. But after a while, i realized why my best friends liked me. They liked me for ME. They loved what I brought to TPC. Laughs, my sillyness and a perfect beta all around.

Everyone had an amazing time. We all missed you Kristen! Stupid soccer practice β™₯

Remember, theres always a kid hiding inside of you! Whether you want to believe it, or nawt πŸ˜‰




I heart you,



22 thoughts on “TPC Goes to Build-A-Bear

  1. I love that even though this is the basic clique, you’re not being all cool and mean and standoffish, and it seems like you guys actually have fun together. This is awesome!

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