So as pretty much everyone knows, OMEB was hacked. Yes, it is old news. But does it have a happy ending? I had an idea of interveiwing one of my OBFF’s MassieBlockLove. She gave us the juicy gossip no ones ever heard, and your dying to hear.


How did you find out about OMEB’s hacking?  I got an email from OMEB saying to check out her blog so I went to her blog and bam! At first I was like “wow another makeover!” but then I realized all her pages were gone and then I read the post and was definitely not as excited haha.


Who do you think it was? Gossip Girl. She took too much interest in the hacking in her latest post. It seems suspicious. Also the fact that she’s been back for like a few days and “randomly” someone got hacked. Way to much of a coincidence if you ask me.


Why do you think they did it? OMEB is one of the most popular Massie’s on WordPress and honestly, I don’t know anyone who hates her or her blog. She’s the perfect target because she’s seen as the perfect Massie. Obviously some girl got jealous of OMEB’s popularity and tried to get revenge.


What did you do? The first thing I did was comment on her blog and then email her to see if there was anything I could do.


What are your plans? She finally got her blog back so my plans are to make sure this doesn’t happen again by raising hacking awareness!


What would you do if you got hacked? Well, the first thing I would do is contact WP and explain the situation. I also have blogs under separate emails so I would probably log onto those and try to explain to my fans what was going on.


Advice for anyone on WP about hacking or passwords? Yes. Make it at least 20 characters of random characters, capital and lowercase letters, and numbers. Then write it down on a peace of paper, not on your computer. Computers can get hacked into but a piece of paper in a notebook? Not as likely. Having a really complicated password is the best way to go because it’s not going to be guessed. Also the longer the password, the longer it takes a hacking system to figure out the password.


Is the hacking still going on? Yes, girls are sadly getting hacked all the time. What I don’t get is why? WP can easily reset your blog or in Kennedy’s case, she involved the police/private investigator and got the hacker in a lot of trouble. No matter what, you’re going to get caught.


How did they get the hacker away (if they did)? I believe OMEB talked to them and worked it out but I don’t know specifically what happened.


Anything to add? I love you OMEB! So happy your back 🙂


Thank you MassieBlockLove.

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15 thoughts on “OMEB’S HACKING

  1. I hope the hacking stops!
    The interview was great, and it make everyone awn WP aware of hacking, which is great because now we can protect our blogs against getting hacked.

    xxx The Queen, The Alpha, Massie Block

  2. Loved the interview, very good awaring everyone of this hacking situation. There’s a new post awn my blah-g, check it out!

    –Yours Truly, Massie Ella

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