Ehmagawd x 2 :)

EMG!! Blog makeover!! Do you love it or do you love it?!

AMB thought I should re-do some of my blawg so I made a new header and found an ah-dorable backgrgound. Guess what? I also did AMB’s!! Check it out, !

AMB loved it so much and thought i did such a good job that I’m going to be her Official PHB. (Photo, Header and Background maker) Isn’t that a cute saying? I just totally made it up 🙂 So every OTHER week AMB and I will probably be doing blawg makovers!

I made a website for AMB too…heres the link….

EHMAGAWD AGAIN!! 🙂 Here are some ah-mazing “veiw breakers” in the girls WP lives!!

ARHY (me)- 733! First week on WP!

BritishBetaMassieEllaBlock- 941! Almost at 1,000!

AmazingMassieBlock- 4,000! Just hit it!

MassieBlockLove- 20,000! EMG!

OMEB- 33,000! Wow!

Keep it goin girlys, lets dominate WP!

I heart you,



6 thoughts on “Ehmagawd x 2 :)

  1. Hey Leesh,
    I love love love the makeover! It’s so pretty! I can’t wait for you to get to a thousand! You deserve every view, girly! Stay amazing!
    Love, Brooke

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