Mon Belle

Mon Belle: The french saying for “My beautiful”
I think that is the cutest thing ever! So a few quick updates before I post!

  • EMG almost at 1,000. Only 20 more veiws! com’on! Get me there girlys(:
  • I’m BritishBetaMassieEllaBlock’s VERY FIRST covergirl! Go check it out!
  • If you havn’t voted on which party TPC should host, scroll down to my last post and take the poll!
  • My older posts and still here, dont worry! 🙂 I’m doing 3 posts per page now, (might bump it down to 1) so at the bottom just click older posts for your reading pleasure 🙂

Now for the post:

So I’ve posted plenty of pictures. Pictures from the day, picture from a vaction…but what about old pictures? I will be doing a few posts on old pictures in different category’s too, but this first post on old pictures is when I was in a Dance/singing group called “My Allowance”! Some people called in “Our Allowance” though. We we so cute, but here are some pics!


Here’s another small poll.

I heart you,


20 thoughts on “Mon Belle

  1. hey alicia,
    i didn’t know u were in a band! the pics are too cuh-yoot, i heart the third one 🙂
    xxx, Dyl ❤
    PS-Mon is used for guys in which case you'd say 'mon beau' but for girls its 'ma belle'
    sawrry for correcting but i speak french so its a habit 😛 just edit this part out please 🙂

  2. The pictures of you when you were young are so cuh-yoot chika!! Brand new post up awn my blah-g! Check it out?

    I Heart You! -Leesh

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