Summer Lovin’

Summer is amazing. Cute boys, cold drinks, and the smell of tanning lotion. Perched up on my glossy dark brown hair is a new pair of Prada sunglasses. Roughly costing about 5,000. In my hand I have pink lemonade with a lemon, sprinkled with special rare pink sugar only the best can drink. In my other hand the new issue if Seventeen magazine marked with the latest trends, and circled with new shoes I want to buy. To my left is Massie, followed by Kristen and Claire. To my right is Dylan. All if us fully reclined in Wooden Veiw Country Clubs special edition pool chairs. In my lips, the sweet smell of cranberries fill my nose. The newest flavor in Glossip Girl.

I turn to Massie. “Hey Chica. How’s the new issue of Elle?”

“Its okay. Although I could write in way better.” She put the sunglasses that were on her perfectly tan face and slide them up to her head. She flipped through the pages. “look at this! That’s so last season. Am I right or am I right?”

“Defiantly.” I said taking a sip of my lemonade.

“Totally.” Dyaln perked up, and shoved a handful of chips In her glossed mouth.

“I like the boots.” Claire shrugged.

“You would.” I laughed. Everyone including Claire smiled. “How ’bout you Kris?”


“KRIS!” Massie barked. Bean rolled over to his side and scratched his head.

“Ehmagawd is she dead?!” I screamed.

“What? Who’s died?” Kristen leaned up, motioning the pool boy to come over.

“EMG don’t ever scare us like that!” Claire sighed.

“oh, sorry you guys! I was at soccer practice for like 8 hours yesterday. not a way to spend your Saturday. I mean I love soccer but come on, it’s so tiering. You know?”

Everyone looked down, then burst into laughter.

“Puh-lease! The only exercising we get is shopping around the mall!” Massie hunched over with laughter.

“I think I’m allergic to exercise!” Dylan coughed. I reached over and took the Luna bar out of her hand and shook my head. The pool boy had finally arrived.

“Hi ladies, what can I get for you?” He did a cute jock smile.

“Refill please!” I said and shook my empty glass. The ice rattled and bean barked.

“Diet Coke, no caffeine.” Claire said grabbing another magazine. “Thank you.”

“Wow Kuh-laire! I’m proud of you!” Kristen patted Claire on the head. “Almost no sugar in the Coke!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Claire smirked.

“Is that it?” The pool boy threw a towel over his shoulder the way they do at Abercerombie and Fitch.

“Ill take another Luna ba-” Dylan started to say before I cut her off.Massie jumped in.

“Ice water. Extra ice.” Massie said and smiled sweetly.

“Make that two.” Dylan frowned.

“I’ll be right on in!” The pool boy walked away and I turned to the girls…

“Okay,” I said, “I’ve got major gossip.”

I heart you,


12 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I love how you wrote this post. You should definitely write more in story-formation. I cannot wait to hear the gossip you have. New post, check it out and comment?
    Eternally Forever,
    Rosalie Hale

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