A little drunk on you, a little high off summertime.

I love this song right now! Totally matches my story about flying! Listen before you read! Try and listen to the whole thing(:


I started my summer off with a wedding! I was a bridesmaid for my lovely Aunt Diane. She lives in Florida, so Last Friday I stuffed my Louis Vuitton suitcase and matching purse and headed off. I went to the airport in a limo, and grabbed Starbucks on the way. At 7 a.m I needed something to wake me up.

I waited for my plane to arrive for what seemed like forever. I finally boarded the plane at 10:35. We took off at around 11. I slept through most of the flight there, but for the last hour or so I read tons of magazines and sipped the rest of my coffee. I was so comfortable in my VS PINK yoga pants and matching tank. The landing was a little rough but I made it! Other than that, no turbulence!

I stepped off the plane and the hot Florida air hit me in the face. I took a deep breath and smelled the sweet salty ocean air. A light breeze cooled me off and I went down the stairs of the plane and went to grab my luggage.

****1 hour later****

I pulled up to my Aunt’s mansion and I ran out of the limo.

“ALICIA!!!” She screamed and ran to hug me. Cookie, her Chihuahua started barking.

“Awww, Cookie! I missed you cutie pie!” I picked her up and she licked me. I laughed and set her down. “So! Are you excited or what?!”

She laughed and said, “Yes!” She wiggled her ring finger and smiled shyly.

“AHH!!!” I let out a high pitched scream and grabbed her hand. “It’s huge! Practically blinds me! What a rock.” I winked at her.

“Isn’t it beautiful? More than I expected.” She sat down at the table.

“He did good.” I said and sat down next to her. “It’s gonna be a fun week! Just us girls, then the wedding!”

The rest of the week was incredible. Here’s a slide show with a few pics! Isn’t my blue dress to die for?!

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14 thoughts on “A little drunk on you, a little high off summertime.

  1. Can I apply for either a Kristen or a Claire? Or before I do should I ask what being in the clique means?

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