Happy Summer!!

Hello my sweet angels. 

Happy summer to you. I hope all is well and your summer has been as great as mine. I am currently sipping my pink lemonade, relaxing by the pool. I was catching up on my Vogue and Seventeen when I decided to write you pretty girls a post.

Once again, I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting. I let all of you down.

It’s been crazy and if you read my last TWO posts about this I promised that I would stay, but yet I failed once again haha. I guess I made myself take a break even though this is what has always made me happy.

I really hope to catch up with all of my friends!!!

oh! and ***looking for a pretty committee*** (;

love you all,

love leesh

4 thoughts on “Happy Summer!!

  1. LOVE love love that you’re back 🙂 You BETTER stay this time! Hahahahaha. You better join us for “Friday Night Sleepover” chats every Friday on AIM 🙂 4pm central time, 5pm eastern, etc etc.

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