Interesting AIMs (Major Gossip Points)

Hola girlies.

I’ve never wanted to make a post like this, and I most certainly do not want to be labeled a female dog.

We have an official stalker/clique hater here on WP, claiming that she’s a “huge fan” of the books.

False.  While chatting with..

We all got random chats from a girl named Bridget (aka kittycat7231). While she was fairly nice, she was almost too nice. We let her hospitality slide, until she got a tad suspicious.  We confronted her about how she got our user names, and each time she changed her story.

Not only did we find this creepy, but her AIM picture was constantly changing from an overly happy smiley face,  a monkey, and now a pink cow. She also kept changing her username! We felt like she was hiding something extremely important, so we made a group chat and talked with her. We decided to “share secrets”. Everyone except I, shared a completely fake secret. Dylan claimed she was a boy, one of the Alicia’s said she was actually poor, and someone else said she was “1o years old”. When we told her it was only fair that she shared one too, she ironically logged off. Interesting.

When she logged back on, she said that her secret was that quote “I only read one of the clique books, but I LOVED it!!!”

A few minutes later she admits that she was “lying” about liking the clique books and “her life didn’t revolve around the clique, unlike us”.

Here is proof thanks to
 began chatting her, and the exact quote she said was “Whatever you better watch out cause I know ALL your secrets! I can ruin you!” So, If you see these secrets somewhere on a blog, they are completely FAKE, and contact one of us ASAP!

She made a horrible post about me!! sent me snapshots, and changed my friends comments to hate comments!



To make things clear, I didn’t make this post to put a ton of hate on Bridget, but she is a mean person and a Fake Clique Lover so watch it!

Just looking out for my girlies♥

My regular posts will continue either tomorrow or Thursday.

AIM me: AliciaRiveraHeartsYou

xo, ARHY


10 thoughts on “Interesting AIMs (Major Gossip Points)

  1. I can’t believe I had to leave in the most important part of the chat! 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout BTW!
    Love Always,

  2. EMG. but i guess it shows how careful you need to be online. But I didn’t really think anything that creepy could happen. I would report her.


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