The Bear Rangers (Kristen’s Day)

During the summer, I feel less and less close to TPC. I decided to spend a day with each member doing something that they were interested in. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m here Kristen! Chill! Okay I’m coming.” I got out of the car and walked up to Kristen’s apartment. I knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds later the door flung open and there stood Kristen wearing her soccer shirt that said “Bear Ranger’s 2012 Season”, and eating a bowl of cereal.

“Hey girlie!” She took a bite and motioned me to come in. I walked in and sat on the couch. “You want some?” She shook the box of Lucky Charms and smirked.

“I’m fine thank you…I stopped to get a coffee before I came.” I said as I lifted the Starbucks cup and took a long sip.

“Oh, so that’s why you were late.”

“You aren’t even ready!” I rolled my eyes.

She lifted the bowl to her mouth and drank the remaining milk. “Mmmm, sugary milk.” Kristen laughed and placed the empty bowl in the sink.

“Ew!” I giggled and got up. “You ready to go?”

She nodded and walked over to me. She looked me up and down. “Emg.”

“What?” I asked worriedly.

“You’re coming to my soccer practice wearing that?”

“What’s wrong with this?” I looked down. A cute coral colored blouse, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a Ralph Lauren belt, and a pair of nude pumps.

“Leesh.” She shook her head in disappointment. “You know you’re playing right…?”

“WHAT?! I never agreed to that!”

“Yes, you did! You told TPC to pick something that we like to do.”

“Yeah but getting a pedicure with Massie is another story.”

“Come on!” Kristen whined and gave me the classic puppy dog face.

“FINE! Ugh, can I borrow some clothes?”

“No way! There’s no time now! We are already late!” She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out to the car. Unfortunately,the playing field was closer than I had expected. My phone buzzed. A text from Claire wishing me good luck. Was I the only one that misunderstood the concept of this? I ignored it.

“YAY! We are here! Are you excited? I am!” Kristen jumped out of the car, placed her soccer ball down on the grass and started dribbling towards the other girls. I was nawt looking forward to meeting her “soccer friends”. I slowly got out of the car and followed Kristen. From a distance I could see her filling up on water before practice started, and laughing with another girl.

“When does practice start?” I asked while secretly rating other girls outfits. All I saw was a load of sweaty LBRs.

“Alright girls! Listen up! You’ve got 1 minute to finish up getting ready! 3 laps around the field!” Coach Al yelled.

“Now!” Kristen smiled. I quickly took out my phone and sent Massie a text.

Coach Al blew his whistle. “EMG, lay off the whistle!” I said annoyed.

“Come on Leesh! Hurry up!” I looked up and saw Kristen almost half way around the field.

“Wait! Did that mean like go or something?” I cocked my head like a confused puppy. I heard the other girls giggle under their breath. I started walking. Kristen saw that I was going slow so she stopped and waited.

“Alright let’s pick up the pace here.” Kristen said once I finally caught up with her.

“This is as fast as I can go. Trust me.”

“Leesh I’ve seen you walk faster when we’re at the mall and you see that there is a Ralph Lauren sale sign in the window.”

“Okay, okay. Sawwwrry.” I said sarcastically. We continued walking together around the field.

We reached coach Al and Kristen looked at me. “Look, you can just watch if you want. I know soccer isn’t your thing but I really appreciate you even coming here and trying it.”

“Even if it was for a little?” I looked down guiltily.

“Even if it was for a little.”  She smiled and went to give me a hug.

I stopped her and shyly said, “Oh..Kris. Sweaty soccer shirt…”

“Oops! Yeah, sorry!” She laugh and adjusted her ponytail.

“Let me fix that!” I turned her around and  tightened it for her.

“Perfect, thanks!” She said happily.

“GREGORY! MOVE IT!” Coach Al said, blowing his whistle once again.

Kristen looked over. “Alright, well I better go. You can sit by my bag. Thanks again Leesh!” She took off running catching up to her teammates.

“Given!” I blew her a kiss and sat down. I took out my phone and started online shopping. Now this is my kind of sport. Online shopping is a sport…right?


xo, ARHY

15 thoughts on “The Bear Rangers (Kristen’s Day)

  1. Hey chica! Love the picture at the beginning of the post. And soccer practice may not have been you’re first idea, but at least you had some quality bonding time with Kris. (:
    xoxo, Leesh

  2. Shopping is a sport. The definition of a sport is a physical activity. The walking around and trying on clothes are totally physical. Well hahaha please please please can you check out my blog and leave a comment?

  3. Heyyyyyyy! Adorable post 🙂 Haha I’m surprised Kristen actually thought you would play soccer… that should have been the first warning! At least you didn’t have to run for long 🙂 Welcome to my PC girlieeee 😉

  4. ARHY,
    I can’t believe you had to run in heels. Well at least Kristen told you you could way for her on the bench after she saw you were having trouble. Online shopping is definitely a sport I’m great at as well haha.

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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