We Don’t Even Have to Try; It’s Always a Good Time

Hey guys! I know this song is totally irrelevant to the post but I just had to share. Ariana Grande is so talented! 

Claire had sent out a group text to TPC, pressuring us into going bowling later that night. We all sort of procrastinated the idea, but in the end we decided to try something new. Because it was Claire’s idea, we were all reluctant on what to wear. We were all wondering on what sort social class this place would attract.

“Is this okay?” I looked at Massie with a concerned look. I turned slowly and posed, showing off my outfit. She walked around me eyeing me up and down. She had a concentrated look on her face.

“I give it a 9. Give or take.”

“Okay.” I shrugged.  I plopped on my bed and reached over to grab my phone. I checked Facebook and Twitter, trying to conquer all of my notifications and mentions. I then tried to get through my emails and text messages.

Massie whipped around. “Rate me puh-lease.”

“10! Ahv-course!”

“Are you sure?”

“Given!” I insisted. I heard a car door and got up to look outside my bedroom window. I slowly pulled back my curtains revealing the Rivera Estate. I saw a car that looked a lot like Dylan’s. Sure enough, out popped 2 girls that could have passed for Kylie and Kendall Jenner minus the hair color. Dylan and Kristen looked backed at Dylan’s driver, waving him good-bye. Kristen gave her pearl earring a twirl while Dylan adjusted her tribal print skirt. Not a hair out of place. They walked up to the door and I quickly ran down the stairs. Half way down, the doorbell rang.

“Coming! Hold awn!” I nearly fell down the stairs when the doorbell rang one again. “I’m coming!” I repeated. I opened the door.

“Hey girlies! You guys look flawless. Dyl, I love your purs-” Before I could finish, Kristen interrupted.

“See! Alicia didn’t notice. ” Kristen burst out.

“KRIS! Really?” Dylan muttered.

“EMG what’s going on?”

Dylan looked down, moved her hair away from her face revealing a giant breakout.

“It’s not…that bad.” I lied.

Massie came jogging down the stairs. She smiled when she saw the girls, her face glowing.

“You guys look perfect!” Massie squealed.

Dylan turned her face giving Massie a clear view of the crisis.

Massie shrieked “EW!”

“Mass!” I gasped and playfully put my hands over Dylan’s ears.

“Wait guys! Where is Claire?” Kristen asked worriedly.

“She told me that she would meet us there at 2:30.” Massie said.

I turned my wrist looking  at my Michael Kors watch. “EMG! It’s 2:15!” I yelled.

“Alright everyone! Grab your purses and apply your favorite lip gloss and lets move!” Massie barked.


When we pulled up at the bowling alley, the first thing that caught my eye was the sign. A giant billboard type that was cluttered with cartoon looking pins, bowling balls, and over-happy looking  families. The unflattering colors clashed with each other making the whole sign obnoxious. Across the top, was the name of the alley.

“Strike Out? That’s what it’s called? What does that even mean?” I asked as we all got out of the car.

“I think it’s a fun play on words, like ‘Get Out!’ You know how you say that when someone says something really exciting? You’re all like, ‘No way!’ or ”Get outta here!’ Am I right?” Dylan questioned.

“I don’t think that’s it Dyl.” Claire giggled as she approached us.

“Sorry we are late.” Massie said sincerely.

“Don’t worry about it! No biggie. Sooo let’s go in!” Claire said excitedly while she motioned us to follow her.  The rest of TPC rolled their eyes and followed showing no enthusiasm whatsoever. When I walked in, I immediately felt a rush of coolness from the air conditioner. It was pitch black and everything was glow in the dark. The next thing I noticed was the popular hits and upbeat music blasting around the whole building.

“This is ah-mazing!” Massie squealed.

“EMG is that one of those soccer games?” Kristen said eyeing the arcade.

“Yup.” Claire smiled.

“Look at the food court. I’m in heaven.” Dylan faked drooled and giggled.

“This is pretty cool! Wait, but why isn’t there anybody else here?” I asked, puzzled.

“SURPRISE! My dad just opened this place! It’s closed from the public on Sunday’s but he said that we can come here whenever we want. I made sure it would be built and decorated up to TPC standards! I’m so sorry I had to keep it a secret, but how perfect is this?!” Claire grinned.

TPC was in shock.

“This is so cool!” Kristen said.

“This can be like our hangout after school and stuff!” Dylan offered.

“I love everything except the sign outside advertising it. Tacky!” I giggled. The whole Pretty Committee burst into laughter and went in for a group hug. You could see it in Claire’s eyes. Just like that, you could tell she felt more apart of  TPC more than ever before. She was so happy to get our approval.

“When does it open?” Massie looked at Claire.

“Not till next week. I mean we can still bowl and stuff but we need to make sure everything looks brand new afterwards.” Claire shrugged.

“EMG guys! I have an idea.” I smirked. TPC huddled in.

I leaned in and whispered, “Let’s throw a huge party here.”


Hey Girlies! EMG! EXCITING NEWS! I just joined a new clique….MBL’s!!!!!!!


I’m sooo excited! 🙂

I’m also a co-founder of a new blog here on WP, called Dial A for Alpha! Check it out!


Psst! Hey you! Yes, you. If you fill these out for me, you’ll be my new favorite!;)

See, now that’s why you’re my favorite;)

xo, ARHY

15 thoughts on “We Don’t Even Have to Try; It’s Always a Good Time

  1. That sounds like an awesome place! I hope Dylan’s face recovers…I really liked your old header but this one is good too.

  2. Alicia,
    Great post!
    Massie’s reaction to Dylan’s breakout was very funny! Hopefully that will clear up before the party.
    It’s very exciting that Claire’s dad is opening a bowling alley! How fun.
    Have fun at the party!


  3. That’s so ah-mazing that Claire’s family opened up that bowling alley. Having a party there would be a great idea. Your blog makeover is ah-dorable, Alicia!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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