Finally Feels Like Fall

Hey chicas! I’m so sorry for not posting! I was so busy with school! Anyways I hope you enjoy this post 🙂

Alicia carefully picked up her steaming pumpkin spice latte and took a daring sip. She kicked up the foot rest on the white leather chair in the Rivera’s study and looked out the window. Her view included crisp yellow, red and orange leaves slowly falling off trees one by one. Fall was her favorite season. She could pull out her cute boots, cardigans and sweaters. She mentally thought of a cute outfit to wear tomorrow. She obviously loved looking good for school, but Fridays were especially important. She liked leaving people with a good impression; that way if her name got mentioned over the weekend, they would most likely think back to what she looked like that past Friday. After she collected her thoughts, she shook her head and took another drink. She spent the rest of her Thursday evening relaxing. Her phone was on silent and calming classical music was playing in the background.  The windows were slightly open giving her fresh air. Every now and then a cool breeze would flow in, and her hair blew carelessly.

Alicia walked over to turn up the music, and lite a few candles when her phone caught her eye. It lite up, showing a clear view of her lock screen. She picked it up and saw she had 4 new messages.

1 new message from, Massie :  Hey girl, TPC & I were thinking of going apple picking. What do u think?

1 new message from, Josh: Hey beautiful<3

1 new message from, Claire: Feels like fall! TPC wants 2 go apple picking!

1 new message from, Dad: I’ll be home soon princess 🙂

This was turning out to be the perfect day. It was finally feeling like Fall, and to top it all off, she was going apple picking with her best friends.

In reply to Massie: iMessage: Sounds good, can’t wait 🙂

Alicia placed her phone on the chair and ran upstairs. She whipped open her closet doors and walked in. She looked around and picked out a cute, Fall, festive outfit which looked like this:

Alicia proudly looked at herself in the full length mirror. She spun around a few times and cocked her head, evaluating herself. She smoothed her skirt and clicked her heels together. She heard a car door and walked over to the window. Out of the Range Rover came TPC, walking in a single line; as always. Alicia went downstairs and grabbed her phone, placing it in her purse. The doorbell rang.

“Coming!” Alicia opened the door and squealed. “I’m so excited!”

“You look ah-mazing.” Massie smirked and lead the girls back to the car.

“Issac, turn it up puh-lease!” Kristen asked sweetly. All of a sudden, “One More Night, By Maroon 5” was blasting throughout the car. Even though Alicia was in a calm, relaxed mood, this song was a nice “pick me up” for her.

“Ehmagawd! We are here!” Claire shouted.

The girls piled out of the car and instantly smelled the Fall air. Apple cider, pumpkins, and doughnuts. As cliche as it sounds, Alicia could actually feel her heart warm. She couldn’t get over how happy she was. Fall just made her happy. Summer was great and all, but there was just something she loved about Fall. The girls carried on, picking apples and laughing. At the end, they even splurged and drank cider, paired with a doughnut. You could tell the girls didn’t feel controlled by Massie, or feel the need to be perfect. They didn’t have to worry about being judged, because if anyone made apple picking cool, it was them. 😉


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xo, ARHY


14 thoughts on “Finally Feels Like Fall

  1. Heyyy!! Love the new background, the leaves are so cute and perfect for Fall 🙂 I’m in love with Starbucks pumpkin latte,! Your outfit is so cute, I love all the black! Perfect for cold weather! Haha darn right we make apple picking cool 😉 Gorgeous post girlie!

  2. The fall makeover is ah-dorable girlie! I ah-gree, fall is a wonderful and peaceful season. You outfit looks ah-dorable. Apple picking is definitely one of the best fall activities. It sounds like you and the PC had a ton of fun together today. 🙂

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  3. Welcome back! Fall is my favorite season too, and it sounds like the PC had so much fun! I love the new background…what else? I guess you decided not to do a personal post after all…

  4. Hey Alicia,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    I adore fall too, its one of those seasons where its not too cold but not too hot and has that refreshed feeling.
    Apple picking with the Pretty Committee does indeed sound like a brilliant way to invite Fall, seems like you had fun!
    Heart your outfit too, so cute and perfect for fall!
    By the way, new post, check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x

  5. Alicia,
    Great post! I really love how quickly the weather is changing. I’m so ready for fall!
    Apple picking with the PC sounds like it was a lot of fun, and a great activity to do to welcome autumn!


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