Halloween, OCD, and Josh

Alicia stood by the Starbucks kiosk waiting for her Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino. This was one of the best parts of OCD; no crappy food or drinks. Olivia Ryan came skipping up behind her, wearing a floral print dress. Alicia rolled her eyes and said to herself, “No one let her in on what season it is?”  Alicia handed the cashier a 100 dollar bill and tapped her perfectly manicured finger on her iPhone screen.

“I’m sorry Miss, do you have anything smaller?” The cashier said while motioning to the 100 dollar bill.

“Do I look like Google?” Alicia eyed the woman.

“What? No.”

“Then why are you even asking?” Alicia grabbed her drink and started to walk away, leaving the woman with a very generous tip.

A few seconds later she heard someone calling her name.

“Wait! Alicia! Hullo? Wait up!” Olivia Ryan came struggling towards her, carrying a Starbucks cake pop.

“Are you following me?” Alicia kept walking.

“No! I just wanted to catch up. We haven’t talked in a while. Soo, how are you?”

“Look, I know what you’re trying to do. You want to score an invite to TPC’s Halloween Party.”

“Fine, but can you blame me? The one in 7th grade rocked. When Hell Freezes Over: so original.”  Olivia reached into her bag, and finished the rest of her cake pop.

“We won’t be inviting everyone this year. If you’re lucky enough, you might get one. It’s also like another month away. Chill.” Alicia applied a thick coat of lip gloss before taking another sip of her cappuccino.

“Will there be boys?” Olivia wondered.

“Excuse me? That’s like asking if there will be candy. Obviously.” Alicia seemed bothered. “I’m gonna go. Cya.”

“Bye Leesh! See you at the party!” Olivia giggled jokingly. When Alicia turned around she mocked her. She took out the phone and texted Massie.


Alicia made her way up too her locker. It took her all of 3 minutes to take 2 elevators and 1 small flight of stairs. By the time she got to her locker, Massie was already there, tapping her Ralph Lauren leather boots against the perfectly polished floor.

“Are you trying to make me look like an LBR?” Massie said while glaring at Alicia.

“Eh-ma-no! You said 5 minutes. I’m 2 minutes early! Sorry!”

“Whatever. Anyways,” Massie flipped her hair and sighed, “I have major gossip.”

Alicia leaned her and unstuck a piece of hair from her lip gloss. “How much is it worth?”

Massie whispered, “At least 20.” She smirked.

“Wait where are the other girls?”

“Who cares? Okay, so I hear that Josh likes you.”

“So? Him and I have been friends for ye—“

“NO, I mean likes you.” Massie smiled.

“NO WAY!” Alicia squealed.

“Yes way! I was talking to Derrick last night, and he said that Josh has been talking about you non-stop.”

“Ehmagawd! Should I text him?” Alicia suddenly felt a rush of nerves run through her whole body.

Massie gave her the: are you kidding me? duh?,  look.

“Positive?” Alicia asked worriedly.

“Normally I would say no, but it’s already confirmed he likes you!”



“Oh! I forgot to tell you. I also have some gossip.” Alicia said hesitantly. She wasn’t sure how Massie would react to Olivia knowing about the Halloween party already.


“So I was getting my Starbucks this morning, and Olivia Ryan came up behind me and afterwards stopped me.” Alicia paused.

“And?” Massie raised her left eyebrow.


sheknewalreadyididn’tsayanythingsodontbemadatme!” Alicia breathed out.

“UGH! Knowing our luck someone will try to apple-C us like Strawberry or even Olivia!” Massie said annoyed.

“We just need to make sure it’s just as good as the one in 7th! But I gotta go do the morning announcements. Catch you later.” Alicia scooted off and hurried down to the office.

She sat in the giant swivel chair behind Principal Burn’s wooden desk. It was 7:55. Only 5 more minutes before she went on. She skimmed over the bus changes and the sports announcements. No matter how hard she tried to focus, she couldn’t stop thinking about Josh. Things hadn’t worked out in the past with them so she wondered why he liked her again. Alicia had broken up with Josh in Middle School after she found out they had worn the same size clothing. They both shared a love for Ralph Lauren, but even that couldn’t hide the fact that they could share clothing. She opened the top drawer of the desk and took one of Principal Burn’s mints and popped it in her mouth. The cool, minty taste refreshed her mind. She unlocked her iPhone and clicked on her Mail app. She clicked “compose new email”, and bit down nervously on the mint. She slowly chewed it and began to type.

Hey, IDK if you heard but TPC is throwing another Halloween party this year.
I know you weren't here for the one in 7th grade because you transferred in 8th, so we deff
 wanted to invite you this year. Help me with the boys guest list? xo, Alicia

She nervously hit send and put her phone in her purse. 8:00 on the dot. She hit the loudspeaker button,

“Good morning OCD, my name is Alicia Rivera and I’m here with your morning announcements.”

Hey guys!

So lately I’ve been feeling that I lost my touch in writing, so I decided to reread the entire Clique series again for inspiration.

I’m onto the second book, “Best Friends For Never” which is written around Halloween. If you don’t remember, this is the book when Massie & Claire (and sort of TPC) decided to throw the first ever boy-girl party. It’s called “When Hell Freezes Over”.  Claire isn’t fully accepted into TPC yet but she works her way up. It’s also the first time Claire and Cam meet, but also the book where Massie has a crush on Cam! I decided to sort of bring back a memory or two from the first few Clique books even though my PC on WP is writing from the perspective of them as Sophomores in HS.

Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

xo, ARHY

19 thoughts on “Halloween, OCD, and Josh

  1. It really did bring so many memories back! Question: What had happened between Alicia and Olivia since seventh grade to make Alicia so impatient with her now?

  2. EMG! I that is such a good idea, that’s what I do when I need some fashion inspiration. I read all of my fashion related books and I watch all of my fashion related movies. I seriously helps 🙂 Luv the outfit at the end.

    I heart u ❤

  3. Alicia,
    Great post! I feel like you write really similarly to the books. (:
    I also reread for inspiration! Whenever I feel like writing, I pick up a Clique book and read for inspiration, to get my writing flowing.


  4. Hey Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Woah, talk about desperate! Olivia Ryan is exactly that trying to kiss up to The Pretty Committee for an invite to your Halloween Party.
    That’s great its been confirmed Josh likes you! Good luck with him this time around!
    I’m sure the Halloween Party this year will be far better than the last.
    Good luck getting back in touch with the Clique and reigniting the spark into blogging!
    By the way, new post, check it out?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  5. Hey ARHY! I wonder how Olivia already knew about the Halloween party that TPC would be having. Anyways, the party does sound like an ah-mazing idea. It’s great that Josh likes you. I’m sure you guys will end up back together in no time. 😉 Great post girlie!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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