Alicia + Josh or Josh + Olivia?

As TPC pulled out from the OCD parking lot, Alicia scanned the small path that separated the two schools. Briarwood was only feet away from her and she searched for Josh’s bouncy brunette hair.

“Looks like someones spying on Josh.” Massie smirked and made a kissy face.

“Who, me? No.” Alicia blushed.

“Okay Leesh. Whatever you say.” Kristen winked. Alicia rolled her eyes and continued looking.

“I heard that Olivia Ryan is wearing Crocs today. That’s why I’m looking.” Alicia lied.

“Puh-lease, I don’t even think Olivia would wear Crocs.” Massie firmly stated.

“Yeah.” Dylan agreed. “Plus, since when would you find Olivia at Briarwood?”

“Since now.” Claire said softly.

The girls whipped their heads around eyeing Claire. She looked down and pointed out the back window.

“Issac! Stop the car!” Massie barked. The car came to a halt.

There stood Olivia (crocless), waving to Josh, who was coming out of the wooden double doors. She met him half way and started up a conversation. He smiled shyly and played with his tie. Olivia took a step closer and leaned in, whispering something in his ear. She pulled back and smiled. He put his hand on her shoulder, letting his fingers slowly run down the side of her arm as he let go. They linked arms and walked away towards his moms cars. When they arrived they exchanged a hug and waved goodbye.

“Leesh…” Massie’s voice trailed off.

“Can we go please?” Alicia said quietly, looking down at her feet. Not even the beautiful Ralph Lauren boots in front of her didn’t make her happy.

“Where to girls?” Issac asked softly.

“Mall, please.” Massie said as she played with a tassel on her bag. Kristen was twirling one of her curls and looked out the window. Dylan let out a sigh and quietly tried to open a bag of chips without disturbing the silence. Claire popped another gummy bear into her mouth. Usually one would be enough to calm her, but by the time they have arrived at the mall, she had finished an entire bag.

“How cute is this? On sale too!” Kristen pulled out a denim vest with five silver buttons running down the front. There were two pockets each lined in silver studs. “Only 65 bucks.”

“Ca-ute! Dylan smiled while reaching for her bag. She pulled out two shoe boxes. “I got a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, just like the ones you have Leesh.”

Alicia said nothing.

Dylan continued. “I also got a pair of nude pumps. You like?” She shook the box and a heel fell out. “Oops.”

The girls laughed. Alicia did nothing.

Massie looked down underneath the food court table at Alicia’s feet. “Alicia, you didn’t buy anything?”

Alicia shook her head slowly then whispered, “no.” 

The girls looked at one another. Each of them looked concerned.

“Alicia I really think you should–” Kristen started to say, when a faint beep interrupted her.

“Who’s phone?” Massie asked.

“Not mine.” Claire said chewing on the new gummies she just bought.

“Nawt me.” Kristen said.

“Nope.” Dylan said as she checked.

“Well it wasn’t mine either.” Massie said.  All 5 girls eyed Alicia’s phone. Lo and behold, Alicia’s phone lite up. Alicia moved as slow as a sloth, picking it up. She slowly read the name, and set her phone down without even reading it.

“Who was it?” Claire asked.

No answer.

“Leesh.” Kristen said.

Massie sighed and grabbed Alicia’s iPhone5 without hesitation. She mouthed “Josh”, to the other girls.

“Lemme read it!” Dylan screamed while reaching over the table, trying to grab the phone.

I’ll read it.” Massie proudly said. “It’s an email.”

“It’s probably his reply to the one I sent him last week.” Alicia said.

The girls were in shock. This is the first time they have heard their best friends voice in over 30 minutes; which is a long time considering Alicia is known for chatting and gossiping.

“Read what Leesh said first.” Claire told her.

Massie read the message.

Hey, IDK if you heard but TPC is throwing another Halloween party this year.
I know you weren't here for the one in 7th grade because you transferred in 8th, so we deff
 wanted to invite you this year. Help me with the boys guest list? xo, Alicia

“And he replied…” Massie continued. The girls waited with anticipation.

I'd love to help. When are you free? I've been wanting
to talk to you by the way. I miss you. -Josh

Hey girlies!

I hope you luh-ve the new post. I’ve really been enjoying continuing a story rather than each time I post, making up a new plot.

I hope you guys enjoy it too. What do you guys think of my new Fall makeover?

Quick question: I had around 9,980 views yesterday, and now I’m down to about 9,00? How did I lose almost 1,000 views?

You can’t lose views, can you?

I made 2 new pages!

The Beta Bible and Rivera Reader.

Check them out and tell me what you think.

Quick question: Should I change “bible” to “book”?

I feel like there will be some unneeded controversy about it that I would like to avoid.

I was thinking about doing a Fall Contest.  Everyone else and their mother is doing one so should I hop on the bandwagon and do one too?

If so, write in the comments your ideas puh-lease, because I’m totally lost with my creativity lately!

Say hello to our new Dylan!

She just joined WP again like 3 days ago so cut her some slack about her blog appearance 😉

You guys might remember her as MBL’s old Kristen or her AIM name: KrisGreg1010.


Please take these for me?

Blogs I’ve been loving:

Question of the week: How would you guys cheer up a friend if they were upset over a boy?

xo, ARHY

28 thoughts on “Alicia + Josh or Josh + Olivia?

  1. Hey ARHY! I’m shocked that Josh and Olivia were together after school at Briarwood and were so flirty with one another. Knowing the PC, you’ll get to the bottom of this. I really enjoy how you’re counting a story as well, it’s very entertaining to read and very well written. The contest sounds like an ah-mazing idea! I can’t wait to hear more ah-bout it.

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Tell me that he is not going to break up with you! *shudder* In answer to your question, depends on the friend and depends on the boy. I would definitely try…

  3. Heyyyy! Josh is totally lame for liking Olivia! Don’t worry, he’ll be back to liking you soon enough 🙂 I can’t wait for the Halloween party! It’ll be so much fun! I love your new makeover and I love bible! It makes more sense in my opinion 🙂 Yay to our new Dylan! And you definitely are the best Alicia 🙂 Even though I may be a little biased since you’re my Alicia haha.

  4. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sounds like things have been tough on you with the whole Josh situation, the last person she wants to see him with is Olivia! Especially since not even the shopping trip could take your mind off of him, you sure do sound lovesick.
    Hopefully when Josh comes over to speak when you’re free you’ll be able to settling things.
    Heart the new post format, they are definitely more enjoyable when they’re a continuing story rather than a completely different plot each post.
    Love the Fall makeover also, ever so chic, the colour scheme of the background is complimented wonderfully by the header too.
    I’ll definitely be sure to check out the new pages!
    Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming contest.
    Thank you ever so much for the shoutout!
    Question of the week: How would you guys cheer up a friend if they were upset over a boy?
    Grab her favourite movie and some sweet treats and indulge.
    By the way, new post, check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

    • Natalie,
      I’m not going to lie, I honestly look forward to your comments the most! They are always detailed and full of sweet compliments. You’re one out the few people here on WP who actually READ my posts and comment answering my questions and such. The shout out was an obvious given! You’re blog is ah-mazing x 10. I will most DEFINITELY be reading your new post! Wouldn’t miss it!
      Thanks again, beautiful! Love you xxx

      xo, ARHY

  5. Alicia,
    Great post!
    I’m so sorry about Josh and Olivia 😦 Maybe Massie could go with you when you and Josh meet up, or maybe Massie would talk to him for you and figure out exactly what is going on. I hope it all works out exactly how you want it to.
    I love your background and header!
    I think you should keep the name “Beta Bible”. I like it!
    I’ve got a new post, and I’d absolutely love for you to come and check it out!


  6. Hey!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is quite adorable too.
    I loved your posts. It was all very dramatic and I’m looking forward the next one.

    ♥ Madeleine

  7. Hey!
    Cute blog! Love the header, especially the way it matches your background!
    I love the way you write and I can’t wait to read what will happen next…def following!
    Kisses nawt Disses,
    Sharpay Stella Rose Lovette

  8. Hey, Alicia!
    That sucks about Josh and Olivia… Hopefully everything ends up alright!!

    I love your background and header… Very chic! I also voted on the polls!

    Until you next post!


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