Under the Mask: GG Revealed!

Hola Chicas!

Hold onto your pretty little laptops because things are about to get interesting. Official proof at the end of post, but read the whole thing.

As many of you know, a gossip blogger has been sneaking around WordPress trying to “take down” some of WordPress’s finest. While many of us tried to stay away, others decided to do something about.

That would be me 😉

Earlier today I decided to take a risky move and accept an invitation from “GG” to join what she coined “The GG Team.” Now I know you are all thinking, “Ehmagawd, ARHY is on team GG?!” but I guarantee you I am not. I accepted her invitation while informing some of my closest WordPress BFF’s of the mission I was on so that no one was mistaken. They have the proof if you dare ask it.

As soon as I accepted the invitation, Gossip Girl quickly sent me the password to her blog and I logged on to start my Gossip-Girl-Unmasking mission. As soon as I viewed her comments, I found the IP there, clear as day.

After a bit of research and a screen shot from one of my favorite bloggers, I was able to obtain the true identity of GG and let’s be honest, you will be quite shocked.

Please view the picture below. Click to enlarge in a new tab.

As you can see, MassieQueen‘s IP and her IP Location come from a Winkler, Canada. And to the right, would be GG’s IP and it’s location. As you can see it’s Winkler, Canada as well. While the IP’s don’t match up exactly, the cities do not lie. Do we know anyone else who happens to live in the same city as MQ and a GG? Didn’t think so…..

I for one don’t appreciate bloggers who lie and think it’s fun to harass other girls. Thanks to some sleuthing and a little bit of password changing, Gossip Girl has been removed from her own blog and no longer has any control over it! Even if she makes a new blog, we all know who she is so she can just stop now 😉

This lovely Gossip Girl also thought it would be fun to lie to me and say other bloggers were on her team but after viewing some of her comments and pages, it is beyond obvious this Gossip Girl is all alone, as she deserves. So if you hear that any other bloggers were involved, trust me. They never were.

Also, now she’s try to tell me she’s Kylie Jenner! HAHAHA! Here’s proof!

(Picture she sent)

So me being a fan of Kylie Jenner myself, I went onto her Instagram and found the following picture.

Soooo not only is she telling people shes “not GG” she’s Kylie Jenner BAHAHHAHA.

Feel free to reblog this post and spread the news around WordPress. We cannot let Gossip Girls run our lives because let’s be honest, we’re better than them x 10.

GG/MQ admits its! A good WP friend of mine sent these too me.

So she continued bullying girls and tried to tell them she wasn’t GG? Wow.

*Regular posting (one for Halloween) will continue NEXT week*

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29 thoughts on “Under the Mask: GG Revealed!

  1. Alicia, gorgeous post! I am so glad you were able to unmask the Gossip Girl as her entire blog is pointless and childish. You were definitely brave to risk talking to her, I’d rather run away screaming haha! Gorgeous post girlie and job well done! I will definitely be spreading the news around so this entire thing can be ended. Bravo girlie!

  2. Hi ARHY!
    Thank gawd that GG has been revealed. I’m certainly glad I quit her PC before this whole detective thing. I hope she will finally admit that her “friend” excuse is just as fake as this whole her being Kylie Jenner thing! Air kisses!

    ~Kristen Bella-Anne Gregory
    P.S. Congrats on doing such an ah-mazing job!

  3. Ehmagawsh! That’s ah-mazing how you could actually track her down and stop her! So glad GG is done!

    MBF ❤

    P.S. You did a fabulous job on this whole detective thing! 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks for unmasking GG!
    Btw, if you go to massiequeen.wordpress.com, scroll to the VERY bottom of any page and you will see ‘GLU blogs.’ Why is Gossip Girl even on the list? And why number one, to that? :0
    I just found out this morning and I find it quite peculiar.
    Awwsome job x10!!!

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