Taking a turn for the worst

It’s been brought to my attention something quite disappointing, hurtful but yet true. Blogging  has become such a big part of my life for so long. I honestly love each and every one of you that reads or comments on my posts. Lately I’ve been getting a lack of views and comments. I put a poll on my last post, and got a few negative response. I have 2 votes for “horrible” on how my blog is. I then got 1 response for “other” this is what it said:


Click to enlarge 

I admit it. Yes, I have been commenting around advertising for my blog. I just got so upset on how little feedback I was receiving. I got ONE comment on my last post. I took over 2 hours writing and fixing things to make it perfect for the readers. No one was appreciating my work. I now realize that commenting around wasn’t the way the go about things, and I sincerely  apologize.

I found out who had voted for what on my poll, and I emailed her. Due to confidentiality, I will be erasing  the names. Neither of us were rude in these emails, FYI.


Click to enlarge 

I look at myself now and then and I agree that I am very different. I’m not the same Alicia I was before. I’m sorry. I got so caught up in everything. I miss the way I used to be as well. I am going to change, I promise. I’m sorry if I every commented on your blog advertising.  Forgive me.

Much love, ARHY


9 thoughts on “Taking a turn for the worst

  1. Its fine girl, don’t get yourself down about this! Whoever this person was was a prick and they shouldn’t be saying that. I haven’t been here long enough to see a change but I think you are a kind, sweet, caring and fabulous blogger! Everyone has that time were they try their hardest on their post and get little comments sometimes(I mean look at me!) A lot of other blogger go around and say “Hey, I just made a new post or blog, come check it out!” I personally think thats fine because they WANT to be noticed and not pushed aside in a shadow of another blog. I mean watch me do it now, I have a new post will you check it out?! How do you even think the bigger blogs got were they are now?

  2. I think you’re amazing and I really enjoy reading your blog. Everyone makes mistakes, and it makes sense that you want to get your blog noticed. I’m not even going to say “learn something” or whatever because it seems like you already have, so I’ll just say keep going and keep being awesome.

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sorry about the whole blogging situation, at least you’ve sorted things now and come to an agreement about what to do. I adore your blog but you know what they say, if you have haters you must be doing something right.
    By the way, find out what I’ve been up to recently in my ♚Radiate Rebellion post.
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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