Disaster Strikes Again

OCD hallway

OCD was quiet. The Pretty Committee was softly chatting in the halls, and gossiping about the latest trends. Olivia Ryan came trotting up behind them and scooted between Dylan and Alicia. The girls rolled their eyes and looked annoyed.

“Hey guys! Did you hear what’s happening in room 41?” Olivia’s smile quickly faded and things got intense.

“No, what’s going on?” Kristen asked.

“I heard that OCD hired a psychic.” Olivia whispered. TPC leaned in.

“Puh-lease, psychics are more fake than that girls Louis Vuitton.” Massie pointed to an LBR walking by, clutching her fake bag. The girls giggled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. I mean, I was a skeptic at first too.” Olivia added.

“What changed your mind?” Claire wondered.

“Well, she told me that I would have something good coming to me soon.” Olivia answered.

“And?” Alicia snapped.

“The boy that I’ve been crushing on for ages just asked me out about an hour ago! Crazy right?” Olivia squealed will excitement.

“Point.” Kristen said.

“It could be just a coincidence.” Dylan shrugged.

“I say we go check it out. What’s there to lose?” Claire suggested.

“I already get my daily horoscopes sent to my phone but I guess I could tag along.” Alicia stated.

“Alright, I guess we can go see.” Massie sighed.

ocd lunch room

“Well that was a little odd wasn’t it?” Claire softly asked.

“Yeah…do you think it’s gonna happen?” Dylan turned to Massie.

“Who knows. I doubt it.” Massie replied trying to hide the worried expression on her face.

The Pretty Committee walked over to their table in the lunch room, carrying their plates filled with the finest of foods. It was the best spot in the whole building. During the Summer, the sun would shine through the windows, and during these cold Winter months, they were right near one of the 6 fireplaces scattered around the lunch room. Girls knew not to take it, because there was always a place card on the edge  of the table  that read “Reserved for The Pretty Committee”.

“Yum, this salad is delicious! You have to taste the dressing!” Kristen carefully pushed her plate to the center of the table and motioned the girls to take a bite. Dylan was the first to take up the offer. She jabbed her fork into a few leaves and came back again for a couple croutons.

“Ehmagawd! So that’s what salad tastes like?!” Dylan giggled and continued chewing.

The raved about salad traveled around the table as each girl tried a bite. Massie stuck her fork into her mouth and began to chew slowly. She nodded and the girls waited with anticipation.

“Sooo, what do you think?” Kristen asked excitedly.

“Wow, that is really deli–” Massie began to cough.

“Mass? Are you okay?” Alicia ran over and knelt by her best friend.

“Ehmagawd! Somebody help!” Dylan screamed.

“She can’t breath!” Claire cried out.

One of OCD’s chefs ran out of the kitchen to see what was happening. Everyone whipped their heads around and stared at the girls. Everyone started to panic.

“What happened? Is she allergic to anything?” The chef ran over.

“Peanuts! She’s deadly allergic to peanuts!” Alicia held back tears.

“Call 911.” He said.


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18 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes Again

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The whole psychic thing sounds pretty freaky. Especially since something good happened for Olivia but not Massie, crazy.
    By the way, please could you check out my new post if you get chance, ♚Subitaneous Speculation. I clarified a few things and I’d highly appreciate you taking the time to read it.
    Much Appreciated!
    Natalie x 🙂

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