Prom Predicament


Room 41

April 25th, 2013

3:28 PM

Alicia Rivera tapped her purple mechanical pencil against the wooden desk. She looked over at Dylan who was munching on a lemon flavored Luna Bar. She continued to look around the room searching for something to keep her mind off of History, and more importantly, prom. It was in two days and Josh still hadn’t asked her. Alicia began to softly chew her left pointer finger. She then suddenly realized what she was doing, stopped, and frantically checked to see if her professional acrylic had been damaged. The final bell rang and she quickly gathered her stuff. She slid her binder and textbook into her Prada bag and made her way towards Dylan.

“Well that was like, 90 minutes of my life I can’t get back.” Dylan stuffed her Luna Bar wrapper into the side pocked of her Rebecca Minkoff bag and rolled her eyes.

“Totally.” Alicia giggled.

“What was up with you today in class? You seemed nervous.” Dylan asked as she followed Alicia out of Room 41.

“I’m just freaking out about prom,” Alicia shrugged, “Josh still hasn’t asked me, and you guys all have dates.”

“Puh-lease! He’s sooo going to ask you.” Dylan said encouragingly.

“I do nawt think so. Maybe it’s not his thing.”

“What’s not who’s thing?” Kristen asked as she walked up behind them.

“Alicia thinks Josh won’t ask her to prom because dances ‘aren’t his thing’. Isn’t that crazy?” Dylan informed her.

“He’s totally lame for not asking you yet.” Kristen said. The Pretty Committee stopped at Alicia’s locker.

“I bet he’s just scared.” Dylan added.

“Speaking of Josh, he just texted me. He said to meet him in the lobby” Alicia slammed her locker shut.

“Awh, but Claire and Massie are waiting out front to bring us to Starbucks.” Kristen frowned.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll have my driver bring me in 30.” Alicia smiled.

“Sounds good. Have fun!” Dylan winked and made a kissy-face. The girls giggled.


Small Auditorium

April 25th, 2013

3:37 PM

Alicia’s heels clacked as she strutted down the hallway. She turned the corner and headed for the lobby. She quietly hummed “Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez. She passed empty class rooms and endless amounts of lockers. When she finally reached the lobby, it was empty. She scanned the benches and leather chairs for Josh. She noticed a small red envelope laying alone on a coffee table. She looked around once more, and slowly walked over. OCD was beyond creepy once school was out. Once she got closer she realized the envelope had an A written in silver glitter. She carefully opened the letter and pulled out a little pink note card. It was short and sweet and read Small Auditorium. She shrugged and walked towards the Auditorium doors. She walked down the aisle and took a seat in the front row. The lights dimmed and the curtains opened. There stood Josh, asking her too prom in the cutest away imaginable.


The Rivera Estate

Alicia’s Bedroom

April 25th, 2013

3:55 PM

“Now when you open your eyes, just pick. Don’t think, just pick! I want your first instinct,” Alicia demanded.

“Okay! Can we open our eyes now?” Dylan sounded annoyed.

“Seriously, I just want to see your dress. I’m sure you will look beautiful in all three of the ones you purchased,” Massie added sarcastically as she heard the other girls giggle beside her.

“This is important people! Now, open your eyes!” Alicia was standing in a soft pink dress that had a cinched waist, an elegant one-shoulder strap, and subtle sparkles intertwined in the fabric as it cascaded to the floor.

AHHHH 10!” Massie screamed. Of the three dresses Alicia had purchased, this one was by far her favorite.

“Massie is one hundred percent correct. This is sooooo your dress,” Kristen smiled back at Alicia who was beaming from all the praise.

“Yay! I have my dress!” Alicia did a happy-dance as the soft fabric swirled around her tanned legs.

“I’m so glad Josh finally asked you!” Massie squealed.

“Ehmagawd, me too!” Alicia giggled and twirled around her room.

New York City

The Russian Tea Room

April 27th, 2013

4:55 PM

The girls huddled together as they got their picture taken outside of the restaurant  The night was already beyond magical and the boys looked as handsome as ever. The Pretty Committee and dates, had just finished eating dinner at The Russian Tea Room and were now capturing the moment before the party got started. They headed down the road to The Plaza in their 5 inch heels. Their hand around their dates arm, and smiles on their faces.

When they reached The Plaza, they got their pictures taken once again, but this time professionally. Then they immediately hit the dance floor. Alicia looked around at all the beautiful girls in dresses, and cute boys in tuxedos and bow-ties. She looked up at Josh and wrapped her arms around him. A slow song came on at the perfect time. She noticed TPC also taking advantage of getting close with their dates, and giggled. She rested her head on his shoulder and softly closed her eyes. Their bodies swayed perfectly back and forth to “A Drop in the Ocean”.

Alicia opened her eyes to a loud screech. She looked over at Massie holding her one-of-a-kind mint colored dressed. Olivia Ryan stood in front of Massie as red as a tomato. Alicia could hear Olivia apologizing over and over again. Alicia rolled her eyes and mouthed to Josh, be right back. She walked over to the girls and followed them to the bathroom. At the bottom of Massie’s dress was a disgusting brown heel mark from where Olivia had stepped on it. Claire had come prepared with a needle and thread and began to work on Massie’s dress. Alicia looked over at Massie’s teary eyes. Massie looked up and Alicia could tell they were thinking the same exact thing. They were remembering the weird texts and peanut-allergy incident that had happened less than two months ago. Olivia Ryan.


To be continued… 

Love, ARHY


12 thoughts on “Prom Predicament

  1. Alicia,
    Haha never doubt Josh. 😉 He really did have the sweetest, cutest way to ask you to prom!
    Your dress is
    Olivia Ryan should be ashamed to have ruined Massie’s beautiful dress! I hope everything works out in the end!

    Kisses from Kris<3

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