Happy Fall: Cozy Up for Autumn Tag

Hi everyone!

I was tagged by xoxoaliciaheartsyou to do the amazing “cozy up for Autumn” tag! This tag that she created is so creative I just had to do it! I will be replying to the questions as myself, not as Alicia. I hope everyone is enjoying fall and is getting excited for Halloween! I’ll have a regular post up soon.

1.  What do you look most forward to in the Fall season?

Fall is my absolute favorite season so I honestly look forward to everything! There is nothing better than cozy nights with hot coco, big sweaters, boots and Halloween! The colors of Fall are always beautiful. Watching the leaves change also reminds me that we’re closer to the Holidays! We can’t forget apple picking either!

2.  Football games or movie nights?

Football games! Another amazing perk of Fall season! I love Homecoming and how much my school really supports the team.

3.  What do you like most about blogging during the Autumn season?

Fall is definitely the perfect time to start blogging about fun Fall activities like pumpkin carving and corn mazes. It’s also when it starts being acceptable to blog about Holiday plans!

4.  Favourite Halloween movie?

Casper The Friendly Ghost! Such a classic.

5.  Favourite Fall candle/scent?

Anything that has to do with apples! Not a fan of the pumpkin scents.

6.  Hay rides or corn mazes?

Although corn mazes are a blast, they still kinda scare me so I’ll say hayrides.

7.  Fall drink that you can’t live without?

Apple cider! Can you tell I like apples?

8.  Do you call this time of year Autumn or Fall?


9.  What’s the weather like where you live during this season?

The perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. We still have our sunny days, our chilly nights, and the occasional rain.

10.  Favourite Fall accessory?

Boots! Tall leather boots, Hunter rain boots, or combat boots. I’ll admit I own some UGGS but they haven’t made an appearance this year.

11.  What are you planning to do this year for Halloween?

Debating on free candy or a party. Probably both.

12.  Do you have any fall traditions?

Of course! Carving pumpkins, apple picking, baking seasonal treats, decorating the house, and Halloween movies.

13.  What kind of candy do you absolutely love getting on Halloween?

My favorites are probably Yorks, Milky Ways or Jolly Rancher Lollipops.

14.  Do you enjoy the haunted attractions like haunted houses or haunted hay rides? Or do you prefer to stay away from those?

Ugh, I prefer to stay away from them but if my friends beg me I’ll cave and go.

15.  What do you do prefer to do when you want to be cozy and relax during those cold and crisp Autumn nights?

I love Netflix dates with myself or with some friends. There’s nothing wrong with getting cozy by the fireplace with some fuzzy blankets and watching movies all night!

Thank you so much xoxoaliciaheartsyou for tagging me to do this! It was a lot of fun to do!



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