Till Death Do Us Part

Alicia Rivera popped a piece of mint gum into her mouth and admired herself in the dressing room mirror of Alex & Olivia. Alicia wore a classy gold top paired with dark wash skinny jeans. She finished off the look by adding a classic pair of black 4 inch heels. She spun around and modeled the outfit for the Pretty Committee.

“Well, what do you think chicas?” Alicia asked.

“9.5! In love,” Massie replied.

“Obsessed.” Dylan answered.

“Thank ya,” Alicia smirked. “Kris, Claire? Come out and tell me what you think.”

“Okay, one sec!” Kristen hollered from a dressing room across the way.

“Um, guys. Help, the zippers stuck.” Claire whispered as she poked her head outside of the dressing room.

“Ehmagawd, Claire that dress is like $800! Don’t break it unless you can afford it.” Dylan said.

“Ehma-harsh!” Alicia defended Claire.

“Not what I meant!” Dylan blushed.

“Whatever, just get me out of here!” Claire demanded.

The Pretty Committee rushed towards her. They all tugged at the zipper. No luck. Kristen walked out of her dresseing room and came to the rescue. She managed to get the zipper unstuck; and just in time.

“May I help you ladies with anything?” A worker politely asked.

“Sparkling water, puh-lease.” Massie flipped her hair.

“Make that two.” Alicia smiled.

“Alright, be right back!” The worker grinned and walked away.

“That was so close!” Claire exhaled and sat on the red leather bench outside of the dressing room.

“So, did you guys hear about what happened at OCD yesterday?” Dylan asked.

“Besides the gossip about Amber’s hideous outfit? Nope.” Claire giggled.

“I heard that Casey Brookes stole the answers to the chemistry test next week.” Dylan proudly delivered the gossip.

“No way!” Massie gasped. “Two gossip points Dyl, nice job.”

“Should we rat her out?” Kristen asked.

“No. We could deff use this to our advantage. I just don’t know how yet.” Massie titled her head and thought hard.

“Here you ladies are.” The women handed over two sparkling waters and scooted away.

Massie took a sip and placed it on the glass table next to her.

“I am so ready to be out of here. I’m gonna go buy this stuff then I’ll meet you guys back here.” Alicia picked up her pile of “Yes” clothes and hurried to checkout.

“How did she even steal them? Aren’t they locked in Mr. O’Mally’s desk?” Claire wondered.

“That’s a good question.” Kristen replied.

“No idea, but I want to find out.” Massie raised her eyebrow.

Suddenly Alicia came around the corner out of breath.

“There’s been a murder at OCD!” She screamed.



7 thoughts on “Till Death Do Us Part

  1. Alicia,
    I love the PC time at the beginning of your post, but the end is shocking! I can’t wait to read what happens next.


  2. Hi Leesh!
    I heart this post but why the cliffhanger :’)
    Anyway, I’m new here, but I’ve been reading your fanfics for a while and adored them, so that was part of the reason I was inspired to write here. So thank you for that and stay ah-mazing.

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