Beta Bible

Want to be just like Alicia?

This is the place to be! Find out the rules, do’s/don’ts and etc, for being the best beta you can be.


  1. Hair: Alicia has long, glossy, chocolate brown hair. Everyone envies her many ways, but at times she can be known as the girl with perfect hair.
  2. Eyes: Alicia also has big & cute, chocolate brown eyes. As soon as she flutters her lashes, she gets whatever she wants.
  3. Body: Although Alicia is perfect, beta’s don’t have to be a perfect cookie-cutter shape! Just look healthy! Try dancing at a studio like Alicia.
  4. Clothes: Have a brand that you’re known for. Alicia’s is Ralph Lauren. Never wear the same outfit twice. Always look presentable.
  5. Skin: You don’t have to have perfect skin, but Alicia’s is flawless. She also has a natural Spanish tan all year round.
  6. Fragrance: Alicia is always wearing Angel perfume. You can find this at Macy’s.


  1. Nice: Alicia is mostly nice to just about everyone. She comes across sweet and innocent but also has a little bit of an attitude.
  2. Naughty: Alicia always has TPC’s back and can fire off comebacks faster than she can spend $500 at Ralph Lauren.
  3. Boys: Alicia is a complete flirt. She knows shes gorgeousso she uses this to her advantage.
  4. Gossip: Alicia loves to gossip. She usually has the most “Gossip Points” at the end of the week.
  5. Confidence: No matter what Alicia is doing, wearing, or saying, she is always confident! Confidence is key.
  6. Steer Clear: Alicia could be having the worst day, but you wouldn’t know it; until you get in her way…


  1. The Estate: Alicia’s house is the biggest because she is the richest of all TPC. (Optional, obviously)
  2. Dance room: Alicia loves to dance, so her parents built her a dance studio in one of the empty rooms.
  3. Bedroom: Alicia’s bedroom is themed like Jasmine’s from Aladdin. Learn how to recreate this below:

How to get your room to look like Alicia’s: 

  1. Watch and study the movie for inspiration.
  2. If you can, get your own bathroom and have your own walk-in closet.
  3. Decorate your bathroom with an old motorcycle seat as a chair.
  4. Have a marble counter top and find an old makeup vanity in the bathroom.
  5. Paint your walls an orange and burnt red color.
  6. Buy or make a gold canopy for over your bed.
  7. Place all your books and magazines on wooden bookshelves that look like towers from the palace.
  8. Have various red and orange  “magic carpets” all over your room (make sure it’s neat and not cluttered).
  9. Have a reading nook in the corner of your room filled with Moroccan pillows and soft blankets.
  10. Always keep your room/bathroom clean and neat. Make your bed. Hire a maid or do it yourself.
  11. Get an iMac and a desk.
  12. Add a red mini fridge filled with TPC’s favorite drinks. You can also add a snack bar.
  13. Get a black, flat screen TV and place it on the wall.
  14. Make a sitting area. Find cool couches and chairs that will match. Watch movies from this spot with friends!
  15. Get an electric fireplace. Who wants to deal with wood?
  16. Space out the furniture.
  17. Alicia likes organization. Make sure everything has it’s place.
  18. Keep yummy smelling candles burning.

Signature Phrases: 

  1. Point!
  2. Given.
  3. I heart you.
  4. Ehmagawd!
  5. Tip: Say “hola” and “gracias” a lot!

More coming soon:



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