Part 4: Meeting Josh at The Park

“Ehmagawd, I can’t hear a thing.” Dylan whined.

“I know. I would love to hear what they are saying.” Massie added.

“I want to see what they are doing!” Kristen whispered.

“Maybe it’s best that they have privacy.” Claire said.

Claire was the only one that was taking Alicia’s feelings into consideration. The rest of the Pretty Committee was always wrapped up in themselves. Even though Claire believed they should have privacy, she secretly wanted to know what was going on too. But who wouldn’t? One of her best friends was alone with one of the hottest guys from Briarwood. Josh and Alicia had previously dated, and TPC was anxiously waiting to see what would happen.

“Do you think they will get back together?” Kristen wondered.

“Probably.” Massie answered.

“Really? Why do you think that?” Kristen asked again.

“It’s so predictable. They have dated before. Alicia broke up with him remember?” Massie snapped.

“You don’t think he’s over her?” Claire asked while chewing on a piece of bubblegum.

“No way.” Massie said, “It’s Alicia.”

“She breaks more hearts then Zac Efron.” Dylan giggled.

Sex God.” Kristen coughed. The girls laughed.

“What about Olivia?” Claire looked Massie straight in the eye.

“I don’t know.” Massie said. She tapped her manicured fingered on her chin. “There has to be some sort of explanation for that.”

“For what? Flirting after he led her on?” Claire stated.

“Hopefully she brings it up before kissing him.” Kristen said.

NO! You don’t think…” Dylan’s voice trailed off.

“Oh totally. I bet they will.” Kristen said back.

“I don’t. Wanna bet?” Dylan narrowed her eyes and smirked.

“Have they kissed before?” Claire asked.

“I think so.” Massie said.

Massie slowly stood up and peered over the bush. She could see nothing.

“Seriously,” Dylan said, “I wonder what they’re doing.”

Alicia looked into Josh’s perfect brown eyes. He smiled.

“Please explain.” Alicia finally said.

“Explain what?” He stepped closer.

Alicia moved back. “Olivia.”

His smiled faded.

“What about her?” He asked.

“Someone told Massie that you liked me, and then we see you flirting with Olivia after school.” Alicia looked down.

Flirting?” His eyes widened.

“Yes. Flirting.” She said. Her eyes still fixed on the ground.

“We weren’t flirting.” Josh said firmly.

“What do you call it then? She whispered something in your ear and then you guys walked off together. Arms linked.”

“Do you want to know what she whispered, Alicia?” He stared at her.

“What, Josh.” This time, she stepped closer. “What did she say?”

“She said something about homecoming.” He said.

“How cute. You guys are going together.” Alicia could feel herself get hot. Jealously.

“No. She helped me plan out how to ask this girl I really like.”

Jealously x 10.

“Who?” Alicia asked.

Josh inched closer. They were now face to face.


xo, ARHY


23 thoughts on “Part 4: Meeting Josh at The Park

  1. ARHY,
    That is so sweet that Josh was planning on asking you to Homecoming. He probably never meant any harm with taking Olivia’s advice, especially since it was about asking you out. I definitely vote you kiss him! 🙂

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Maybe sneaking up on Josh wasn’t the best thing at first due to the whole jealousy situation, however, confronting him about it was definitely worth it. Considering you and Josh have history he seems genuine about you both and the whole homecoming thing, I say, give him another chance!
    Check your e-mail too girly.
    By the way, new post, check it out when you get chance!
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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